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Over 18 years of providing diligent, responsive, and dependable service to clients facing complex problems.

"Through Deepak’s findings, we crafted our theory of the case, subpoenaed all relevant financial records and created exhibits for trial that would demonstrate that the Defendant was hiding assets. Without Deepak’s diligent work, discovered evidence and live testimony, we would not have been able to convey as strongly our position to the Judge at trial. Deepak was found to be credible and knowledgeable in the Judge’s decision and was what the Court relied upon in issuance of their monetary award to our client. I highly recommend working with Deepak when in need of a forensic accountant and financial expert."

H. Bearat (Lead Attorney, Former Client)

Forensic Accounting

Investigating asset misappropriation, partnership capital account discrepancies, private equity expense allocation, and accounting improprieties

Expert Witness Services

Providing deposition and trial testimony

Quantifying Damages

Expertise in commercial damages, breach of contract, business interruption, intellectual property, personal injury, wrongful death, and present value of life care plan costs

Litigation Support

Assisting with strategy and discovery

Compliance & Monitoring

Controls assessment and testing

Data Analysis

Extracting insights from data